Domestic abuse support

Information and support for those at risk

If you’re living with domestic abuse, or if you’ve a friend, colleague or family member who you know or suspect needs help, you’ll find Hampshire Libraries a good source of support, information and guidance.

We have a large range of books that deal with physical, financial, sexual and psychological abuse, harassment, female genital mutilation (FGM) and stalking. These are available both on our library shelves and available to download using our Borrowbox app.

We have titles available on BorrowBox as eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Whether you are looking for advice, to start to heal, or to broaden your knowledge, we hope that there is something here to help.  

Hampshire Libraries has partnered with Hampshire Police, the Hampshire-based charity Stop Domestic Abuse and the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership to strengthen the support we provide.

Explore our collection using our online catalogue. For a small charge, you can reserve the book or books you would like to pick up at your local library. To download ebooks and audiobooks for free, download our BorrowBox app and browse the special featured bookshelf.

The Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership is a group of local services and agencies in Hampshire working together to provide help and support.

Find out more about the Domestic abuse support partnership