Useful resources for education

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There is a wealth of online material available to help teachers deliver engaging lessons that focus on smoking prevention.

Details are below:

Resource Website Description

Hampshire Smokefreeme

Smoke Free Me (Hampshire County Council)

Contains lesson plans for primary and secondary education specifically on smoking. Ten free lesson plans and resources on different aspects of smoking, including vaping, media and health.

PSHE Association

Drug and alcohol education — lesson plans, resources & knowledge organisers |

Contains lesson plans which feature tobacco along with drugs and alcohol education.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

Fact Sheets - Action on Smoking and Health (

A wide variety of information, including fact sheets, on smoking and young people.


A selection of free resources and lesson plans on smoking.

PHE Campaign resource centre

Campaign Resource Centre (

Has free online resources to help deliver campaigns.

Cut Film

Anti-smoking youth project delivering interactive and award winning specialist workshops (

Youth-led short films on various health topics including smoking.

Hampshire County Council

Chemical Soup - YouTube

This Hampshire County Council Video is an engaging way of explaining to students what is in cigarettes.

Useful apps

There are some apps available that can be useful to engage young people:

App name Description

Ageing Booth

Free App that can age your face. Useful for demonstrating the effects of smoking to young people.


As above but specifically shows the difference between smokers and non smokers.