Years 5 and 6 - Lesson Plan 1

Developing and sharing opinions of smoking

Lesson time

This lesson should take 45 minutes.

Task time

This task should last 10 minutes.

Whole class or small group task

Present the class with the photographs on Resource #1. Work as a whole class on the board or in small groups.

Ask them to:

  • a) Describe what they see
  • b) Say what they think of the photos
  • c) What dangers do they see?

Reflect on health dangers of smoking for the individual from previous lessons. Explain that we now all know that smoking is dangerous to the person smoking. Give some examples of smoking related illnesses. Please refer to Resource #2

Understanding secondhand smoke

This task should take 20 mins.

Whole class or small group task

Show class photographs on Resource #3, either as whole group or in small groups on paper.

Ask them to describe:

  • a) What is different about these photos? (i.e. there are children)
  • b) What might the child be feeling?
  • c) What are the dangers for the child?

Take feedback and discuss. Use Resource #4 for teacher information to discuss the effect of secondhand smoke on children. If questions come up about secondhand vaping, use Resource #5 to answer them.

Individual task

This task should last 15 minutes.

Ask children to complete Resource #10. How does secondhand smoke affect Ben?