Support for students to quit

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Providing support for students to quit smoking is an essential part of a whole settings approach. Whilst they may not have been smoking regularly for very long, it is quite possible that when students stop smoking they will experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The reasons that young people smoke are often different from adults and the challenges they face socially with quitting may be greater.

Staff should be aware of this and support students who are trying to quit smoking. They should know they may be easily distracted, at least for the first few weeks. They should also be made aware of the support that is available in the local community for stopping smoking.

If the smokefree site policy is broken by a student, information should be communicated to parents/carers about this. However, it is also important to offer the families support to encourage them to help their child to quit. Parents/carers may also need some help and advice if they find that their child is using a vape.