Years 3 and 4 - Lesson Plan 2

Understanding secondhand smoke

Lesson time

This lesson should take 45 minutes

Whole class or small group task

Brief re-cap on the dangers of secondhand smoke. Use Resource #4 for teacher information.

How can we avoid secondhand smoke?

Task time

This task should last 15 minutes.

Whole class or small group task

Group discussion in class about strategies to avoid exposure to second hand smoke. Teacher to suggest following strategies:

  • Asking parents/carers to always smoke outside and away from the door
  • Asking parents/carers never to smoke in the car, even with the window open
  • Asking parents/carers to change clothes/coat after smoking
  • Not allowing guests in the house to smoke
  • Asking family and friends not to smoke around them
  • Suggesting to parents/carers that they can stop smoking with help from an NHS Stop Smoking Service

Use Resource #7 for teacher info

Depending on Year Group and ability, carry out either of these activities:

Create door hanger for home

Individual task time

This task should take 25 minutes

Each child to have a copy of Resource #8 (door hanger template, ideally printed onto card).

Pupils to create own design, to promote a smoke free home. Encourage pupils to use the themes learned in lesson 1, i.e. illnesses, stopping smoking.

Pupils should take door hanger home to aid discussion with family.

Letter to parents

Individual task time

This task should take 25 minutes

Using Resource #9 provided, ask the children to write a persuasive letter to Rashid’s parents asking them not to smoke in the house or car.

Teacher assistance may be required