Our menus have been developed combining extensive student feedback alongside food and drink trends so that we offer a range of food and drinks that students will enjoy.

Our research showed how much students value ethical products so our deli range that includes packaged salads and dips as well as paninis and sandwiches are made by our certified carbon negative food supplier to ensure we are sustainable and lead the way. Even the cellulose windows are sourced from trees!

From tasty grab and go options to freshly prepared classic main meals, we have a variety throughout the week that will also keep their energy levels high so they can focus on lessons.

Freshly prepared

Hydration Station

Radnor fruits can £1.05
Radnor Splash - sugar free £0.85
sparkling flavoured water
Radnor flavoured water 330ml £0.85
Radnor flavoured water 500ml £1.05
Bottled mineral water 330ml £0.55
Bottled mineral water 500ml £0.85
Flavoured milk £0.70

Savoury Snacks

Crisps £0.70
Doritos £0.95
Popcorn £0.80


Homemade biscuits £0.55
Homemade cakes £0.55

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit from £0.45

Line illustration of a drinks can


Classics main courses £2.80

Lighter Choices

Jacket potato topped with a filling of your choice £2.10
served with side salad
Topped nachos £2.10
Falafel with Moroccan style cous cous £2.10
Loaded fries £1.60
Pasta pot selection £1.60


Snack boxes £1.60
Pizza twists £2.25
Pazzini £1.85
Pizza slice £1.60
Filled bagels £1.60
Loaded hot dog £2.10
Chicken burger £2.10
Hamburger £2.10
Vegetarian burger £2.10
Filled English muffin £1.60
Pastry slice £1.60
Piri Piri chicken pastry slice £1.85

Line illustration of pizza slices

Deli - Real Wrap Co


Just cheese £1.85
Just ham £1.85
Just tuna mayo £1.85
Just free range egg mayo £1.85
Just chicken mayo £1.85


Chicken fajita in a tomato wrap £2.35
BBQ pulled pork £2.35
Southern fried chicken £2.35
Chicken and sweetcorn mayo £2.35
The big Bombay bhaji in a tomato wrap £2.35
Sweet potato pakora in a spinach wrap £2.35
BBQ Rockstar in a beetroot wrap £2.35

Rolls & Baguettes

Just cheese soft roll £1.60
Just Ham soft roll £1.60
Ham and cheese sub roll £1.85
Chicken mayo sub roll £1.85
Chicken, bacon and lettuce wholemeal baguette £2.10
Tuna, sweetcorn and lettuce wholemeal baguette £2.10
Cheese, onion and lettuce seeded baguette £2.10

Line illustration of a baguette

Gluten Free Deli

Chicken and bacon salad sandwich £2.10
Double cheese and spring onion salad sandwich £2.10
Egg with slow roasted tomato and cress roll £2.10
Bombay aloo tortilla wrap £2.10

Hot Deli

Tuna melt ciabatta £2.30
Cheese and pizza sauce ciabatta £2.30
Veggie marinara ciabatta £2.30
Cheese and tomato toastie £2.10
Ham and cheese toastie £2.10
Ham and Emmental cheese panini £2.65
BBQ chicken feast panini £2.65
Spicy meatball melt panini £2.65
Tuna and red onion panini £2.65
Double cheese and onion panini £2.65

Salads & Hummus Pots

Moroccan mezze salad bowl £2.90
Chicken tikka bowl £2.90
Ham hock, egg and honey mustard potato salad bowl £2.90
Tuna Niçoise salad bowl £2.90
Cheese and tomato pasta pot £2.10
Tuna and sweetcorn pasta pot £2.10
Chicken and bacon pasta pot £2.10
Carrot and harissa hummus Pot £1.35
Falafel and beetroot hummus pot £1.35

Line illustration of a burger