National Parks, Heritage and Leisure

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If you’re responsible for the management of national parks or other public spaces then you’ll be only too aware of the tensions that can exist between different stakeholders and users. In these circumstances, it’s absolutely critical to ensure that your governance procedures are both appropriate, proportionate and observed in practice.

National Park Authorities face particular challenges by reason of the fact that they’re entrusted with the management and safeguarding of assets of national importance which in one sense everybody thinks that they “own”. The need for National Park Authorities to balance the public’s expectations with the legitimate concerns of landowners, local residents and others means that we’re frequently asked to provide advice in respect of the complex governance issues that arise.

You may decide that heritage, leisure and other such services need to be given the opportunity to develop and grow outside the constraints of the traditional local authority structure. If this is the case, you may be interested in considering how we can help you to create innovative trust structures that will allow this separation, whilst still preserving the essential public sector ethos of these organisations.

If you feel that we could help your organisation with advice in this area, please contact a member of our Parks, Heritage and Leisure Sector Group.

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