Commercial Dispute Resolution, Prosecutions and Judicial Review

The royal courts of justice

Our General Litigation Team handles all types of litigation including prosecutions, judicial review, employer’s liability and public liability claims.

The Team has extensive experience of defending the wide range of claims which are made against local authorities and public bodies. In the case of “ordinary” civil claims, which would include claims for breach of contract brought by a supplier or claims for personal injury from staff or members of the public, the fact that we have a real understanding of how public bodies operate in practice means that we are better able to understand the issues and identify any relevant defence.

The Team also advises on the specialist area of judicial review where a person who claims to have been adversely affected applies to the High Court for the public body’s decision or exercise of a power to be reviewed. Judicial review claims will often raise important points of principle that may have profound implications for how the public body will need to arrange its affairs going forward so it is important that your lawyers have a real understanding about how public bodies operate in practice.

The Team undertakes a wide range of prosecutions for Hampshire County Council and other public bodies.