Transport and Infrastructure

A slip road

If you’re responsible for the construction, maintenance or use of transport infrastructure you have to balance planning for the long term, sometimes the very long term, against the need to keep things moving on a day-to-day, indeed hour-to-hour basis.

As a legal services organisation, we are responsible for advising on strategic planning issues where transport and infrastructure requirements will inevitably be a major component. Whether this is helping you to deliver new highways or associated infrastructure, a dedicated public transport solution or to meet the day to day legal requirements of a harbour or other transport related authority then we are able to provide the legal support that you will require.

If you feel that we could help your organisation with its needs in respect of transport and infrastructure issues then please contact a member of our Transport and Infrastructure Sector Group.

Services provided

  • Property transactions
  • General litigation
  • Legal advice
  • Representation at public enquiries
  • Highways litigation
  • Civil claims