Change your details

Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987)

Moving home

We will send you a pension statement each year, so if you move home contact us as soon as possible.

  • Send an email that includes your National Insurance number, name, previous address and new address
  • Or send us a signed letter that includes your name, signature, National Insurance number and new address
Marriage or civil partnership

If you marry or enter into a civil partnership after leaving service, send us a letter with your name, National Insurance number and signature.

  • Confirm the title and surname that we should use for you
  • Send a photocopy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate

Your husband, wife or civil partner may receive a pension if you die but this depends on the situation, and it might be less than if your marriage or civil partnership had begun before you left service. See Death and benefits summary.

Divorce or dissolution of civil partnership
  • Divorce – Send a photocopy of your decree absolute
  • Dissolution of civil partnership – Send a photocopy of your final order

If you divorce or your civil partnership is dissolved, your ex-partner will not be entitled to a pension when you die.

If you need a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV), write to us stating that you need a CETV for divorce purposes.