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Before booking an appointment

Please read Giving notice at your local register office.

You must book a venue before giving notice

If you live in Southampton or Portsmouth

Giving notice if you live in Portsmouth

Giving notice in live in Southampton

Foreign Nationals
If you and/or your partner are foreign nationals (persons who are NOT British, Irish or have EUSS ((settled status, pre-settled status or has a pending application for settled status)) you will need to attend the register office together in the district where one of you lives. Please click this link and complete the enquiry form, giving as much information as possible. A member of the team will then contact you, to arrange for you both to give notice.
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A fee of £35 each is payable for giving notice.  If you are subject to Home Office referral scheme the fee will be £47 each. The Registrar will advise you of this on the day.