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Last update: June 2024

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County Council selects contractor for M27 Junction 10 upgrade

Hampshire County Council agreed to become the delivery body for the M27 Junction 10 Improvement Scheme in July 2021 and has appointed Volker Fitzpatrick as their design and build contractor to deliver the scheme. This marks a key milestone for this significant and complex project which will enable the development of Welborne Garden Village to the north of Fareham.

Volker Fitzpatrick and their lead designer, Ramboll, bring significant expertise and experience to the project team and will work closely with the County Council and National Highways to finalise the design and approval processes for the scheme, with construction planned to begin in mid 2024.

The upgrade involves the provision of a new motorway underpass to the west of the existing M27 Junction 10, three new slip roads to facilitate an ‘all moves’ arrangement and the construction of a new dual carriageway to link the new slip roads to the existing road network. These highway improvements will make a very significant contribution to the local economy, enabling much needed new housing, amenities and jobs.

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Following the Slip Roads and Side Roads Orders that were advertised last summer which were needed to make changes to various highway rights to progress the scheme, the Secretary of State has confirmed the Orders. Pleases see The Notice of Confirmation of the Order which includes details about the orders.

Copies can be found at Hampshire County Council, Fareham Library and Fareham Borough Council offices.

Scheme overview

The M27 Junction 10 currently has restricted access, only allowing partial movements for traffic westbound off and eastbound on. The proposed improvements for M27 Junction 10 include the provision of a new underpass underneath the M27 west of the existing junction; the provision of two new slip west facing roads and a replacement for the existing west-bound off-slip to create an all moves junction.  

To help integrate the development to the wider area a dedicated Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) link and active travel facilities (for walking, cycling or using a mobility aid) will be provided alongside the new link roads (excluding the slip roads). This includes crossing points and a link through the underpass under the M27 to connect to the developer delivered path through Fareham Common that will link active travel users to key facilities in Fareham such as the rail station, schools and the town centre. For more information about the developers commitments to improve active travel infrastructure please see their website and access plan.

Welborne Garden Village is located to the north of Fareham and adjacent to the A32 and around the existing M27 Junction 10. Welborne is a regionally important development site being promoted by Fareham Borough Council through their adopted Welborne Plan (2015). The planned development will comprise 6,000 new homes and 9,7250m of employment space which aims to create more than 5,700 new jobs. The proposed site includes a district centre, supporting neighbourhood centres, a new secondary school and three new primary schools. The site is being planned to create a new community with its own sense of identity and an emphasis on placemaking.

It is essential that Junction 10 is upgraded to an all moves  junction that can cater for the predicted new traffic movements which will be generated by Welborne. The upgraded Junction will help to ensure that the site will be well connected to the wider south coast strategic transport network to help attract business and investment into the area.

Local residents will also benefit from the Junction 10 upgrade which aims to alleviate the congestion on local roads and improve the safety and journey times of the existing junction. 

Planning update

Planning Permission for the scheme was granted in September 2021 as part of the wider Welborne development by Fareham Borough Council as the determining Planning Authority. The planning permission includes the detailed design for the Junction 10 scheme as developed by Hampshire County Council alongside the permission for the wider development.

Funding Arrangements
Funding for the transport capital delivery schemes is separate from the County Council’s revenue budget and savings proposals. In the majority of cases funding comes from external grants and / or Section 106 contribution from developers. This funding usually has conditions that strictly control on how, where and when it can be spent.
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