Redundancy and efficiency

The pension you have built up to date must be paid immediately, without early retirement reductions, if:

  • you are made redundant or take voluntary redundancy, or you're dismissed on efficiency grounds and
  • you are at least age 55 and
  • you paid into the LGPS for at least two years, including pension that you have transferred in.

However, if you are made redundant or dismissed on efficiency grounds, your pension will not be paid if:

  • your LGPS membership, including pensions that you have transferred into it, is less than two years or
  • you are under age 55 or
  • you had opted out of the LGPS before being made redundant.

If you are age 55 or over then your pension will be brought into payment, see: Redundancy and Efficiency.

If you are:

  • less than age 55 and
  • have at least two years membership

then you will be awarded a deferred pension, see: Your deferred pension.

Useful Information

Redundancy and Efficiency