Customer feedback

Analysis of Member Feedback 2022/23 and 2023/24

Since 2018, every email sent by Hampshire Pension Services (HPS) has included a link to a customer feedback survey. We also invite customers to provide feedback by including a link in some of our mailings. If you wish to submit your feedback, please visit our customer survey.

Number of responses

In 2023/24 we received a total of 376 responses through our customer satisfaction survey. This is up by 126 on the number received for the previous year. Currently, the survey is advertised on our website, in our email signatures and is included in any bulk email communications we send. 

The feedback we receive through the survey represents a small percentage of the members we communicate with each year, and we have been looking at additional ways we can engage with members. At the end of 2023/24 we started to send surveys to new pensioner members to ask about the service they received when claiming their pension benefits.

Types of Members


The charts show there was a change in the profile of members completing the survey in 2023/24 compared to 2022/23. A higher percentage of pensioner members completed the survey compared to last year. Although the percentage of other categories remained similar to last year, we received more survey responses in total this year and therefore more from each member type.

Satisfaction levels


64% of members were satisfied with the service in 2023/24. This is an increase of 8% on 2022/23.

Our members are always provided the opportunity to provide further feedback on our services, and we continue to follow up any responses where the member is not satisfied to find out how we could have improved their experience. Where possible, we use this feedback to make improvements to our service, processes and communications. 

The main areas of our service that members provide feedback on are claiming their pension and accessing the online Member Portal.