Transfer a previous pension

Previous LGPS pension

If your previous pension is with the LGPS in England or Wales, please see: Re-joining the LGPS.

Previous external pension

If you have previous pension benefits, you may wish to transfer them into the LGPS. Transfers must be made within the first 12 months of your LGPS membership in your current employment unless your employer has a published policy to extend this period.

What to do:

1.) If you decide to investigate a transfer of a previous external pension into the scheme, you will need to send us a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) from your previous pension scheme.

Please read the The Pension Transfer Booklet which tells you in detail how to obtain a CETV. You will find this on the forms page.

2.) Send us all the documents provided by your previous pension scheme. These should include:

  • a recently dated CETV,
  • transfer discharge forms.

What to expect:

Once we receive a CETV from you, we will calculate an estimate within 15 working days. This estimate will show the 'earned pension' and/or service credit (depending on the type of transfer received) that the transfer will buy in the LGPS. You can then use the estimate to help you make a decision regarding your proposed transfer.

You can find further information on transferring a previous pension at: Transferring benefits into the LGPS.