Employer forms

If you need to make any changes to an employee's pension record, please do so using our Employer Hub.

The forms on this page can be updated online or downloaded and printed. It is recommended that you print these as required, as they are regularly reviewed and updated.

When submitting a form, it is important that you quote your scheme employer reference number, this can be found on the below links:

Hampshire Employer Reference Numbers

Hillingdon Employer Reference Numbers

Westminster Employer Reference Numbers

West Sussex Employer Reference Numbers

We can also provide information in other formats including Braille (Grade 2), on audio or in larger print text. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Notification of starter

Employers should notify of new starters joining the LGPS in their current employment for the first time, those joining or re-joining under automatic enrolment rules and anyone opting in. The following forms should be used by Employers to notify of this:

  • 10 or less new starters (or late notification of starters where the start date is more than 3 months ago or in the previous scheme year, whichever is greater):

An individual starter form should be completed via the Employer Hub (if you don't have access to the Employer Hub, please email [email protected] and we will arrange this for you.)

  • 10 or more new starters (all with start dates in the last 3 months, or current scheme year):

Bulk starter spreadsheet

Please ensure you  refer to the instructions tab in the spreadsheet, as this explains how to complete it. Once completed, email to [email protected] and mark the email 'FAO Starters'.

Please do not use a saved copy of the spreadsheet, always pick up the latest version from our website - last updated 13 December 2021.
Notification of leaver

Complete this form to let us know when a member leaves the scheme. In addition, send appropriate certificates and authorisations to Hampshire Pension Services.

Revised leaver information due to backdated pay

If you have already provided a leaver notification to Hampshire Pension Services, and the member later receives backdated pay, you can let us know about the change by completing the 'Revised pensionable pay - backdated pay' spreadsheet - this should be sent to [email protected].

Amendment to pension records

Use this form to update a member's:

  • personal details
  • 50/50 section membership
  • employment details
  • type of employment contract
  • location, payroll number or post
  • additional contribution contracts ending
  • AVC commenced
  • absence (break in pensionable membership)

This form can be completed online, or you can print the form and return it to Hampshire Pension Services by post or email.

Change of payroll provider
Request an estimate for retirement benefits

An employer can request up to two estimates for a member over a 12 month period. We charge for any further estimates requested.

To avoid overstating benefits, only request ill health estimates once you are confident which tier an employee will retire under.

The employer must request estimates based on retirement in the following instances:

  • Flexible retirement
  • Redundancy / efficiency grounds
  • Ill health / compassionate grounds
  • Switching on of 85 year rule or waiving of actuarial reduction

This form can be completed online or printed and returned to Hampshire Pension Services by post or email. Anybody requesting an employer estimate must be an authorised signatory. If there are any problems, contact Hampshire Pension Services.

Urgent estimates

If you need an estimate in less than three weeks, you may request an urgent estimate.

  • The charge is £100 plus VAT
  • They are done within five days of Hampshire Pension Services receiving the request form

For more information please refer to our Estimate Policy.

Employer initiated retirement authorisation

This form should be used for retirements that are employer initiated such as:

  • redundancy/efficiency
  • voluntary early retirement with switching on of 85 year rule or waiving actuarial reductions
  • flexible retirement

This should be completed in addition to the normal leaver form and returned to Hampshire Pension Services.

Employer initiated retirements – authorisation form

Reserve forces leave
Ill health certificates

Ill health retirement

You should complete the ill health retirement certificate when authorising retirement on the grounds of ill health. This should be signed by the independent registered medical practitioner who must have been approved for this purpose by the Pension Fund administering authority.

Certificate of ill health retirement

18 Month review of tier 3 award

It is the employer's responsibility to carry out the 18 month review and inform Hampshire Pension Services if there is any change in the member's circumstances. At the end of the 3 year period, the member can be reassessed to see if the initial assessment should have been for Tier 2 benefits.

18 month review certificate

Deferred Member

The LGPS regulations which apply will depend on when the employee left the scheme. Use the relevant certificate so that it refers to the relevant regulations.

Tier 3 ill health retirement review and former employer's determination and authority

Death in service

Due to the nature of death in service cases, we treat them as priority.

Complete the Notification of leaver form and Report a death form, which asks for the following information:

  • the member's name
  • the member's National Insurance number
  • name of the member's surviving partner and dependant children if relevant
  • name of the person dealing with the estate and their relationship to the deceased person
  • name, address and telephone number of the person we should contact

If you have any further questions, contact Hampshire Pension Services.

Online forms
Member election to join 50/50 section

This form is for completion by those members of the LGPS who wish to leave the main section of the scheme and move to the 50/50 section of the scheme. The form should be completed and returned to the employer. Hampshire Pension Services does not require a copy of this. Employers should advise the pension fund of this change by completing an amendment form.

Member election to rejoin the main section

This form is for completion by those members of the LGPS who wish to leave the 50/50 section of the scheme and move to the main section of the scheme.

APC or scAPC confirmation

Use this form to confirm details of an employee's new APC or scAPC contract, or to notify us if you reject the application. Send your completed form to Hampshire Pension Services by post or email.

New member stationery

We no longer issue new member packs for Employers to order and distribute. Employers are still required to provide new scheme members with starting information to the scheme. Most Scheme Employers provide links to New member scheme benefits where employees will be able to view information and download relevant forms.