Transfer value for active scheme member

You cannot transfer your pension if:

  • you are actively contributing to the LGPS in England or Wales, or
  • you are being paid a pension from the LGPS (England or Wales schemes).

However, we can provide a Cash Equivalent Value (CEV) for:

  • use by a financial adviser,
  • divorce purposes.

What to do:

To obtain a CEV, you will need to send the Cash Equivalent Value Form, which can be found on our forms page, to your employer. You will need to tell us if the estimate is for divorce or for a financial adviser because your letter will be set out differently depending on its intended use.

What to expect:

Your employer will add salary and service details to the CEV form and send it to us to calculate your estimate.

You will need to speak to your employer to find out their timescales for completing the form. We will provide your estimate within 3 weeks of receiving the completed CEV form from your employer.

We will provide you with one estimate in a 12 month period, free of charge. If you need a second estimate, then please contact us for details of the cost and how to make payment.