Employer training

Hampshire Pension Services are committed to working in partnership with Scheme Employers and offer a number of different employer training, workshops and focus groups. Sessions are currently being delivered remotely through Microsoft Teams.

There is no charge for attending and sessions are interactive, friendly and informal. There's plenty of time to ask questions and test your understanding.

Annual Return and Pensionable Pay Workshop

Hampshire Pension Services provide Annual Return workshops each year to Employers to help them with their annual submission. The topics covered are:

  • the requirements for your annual return submission, and how to complete it
  • the importance of annual returns and how they can impact you as an LGPS employer
  • the principles of pensionable pay which relate to the annual returns submission, such as how to calculate Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), Assumed Pensionable Pay (APP), and Final Pay figures

Please visit the annual returns area on our Employer pages for more information.

LGPS and Pensionable Pay Workshops

The sessions cover the day-to-day LGPS administration that employers are likely to encounter and are a good introduction to the LGPS or a useful refresher if it has been a while since you attended the workshops. Employers can book onto as many or as few of the sessions as they wish.

The sessions are useful for employers and staff in all kinds of roles, including:

  • Payroll departments – deducting contributions, calculating pay, working with HR
  • HR departments – taking on staff, setting policies, authorising absences and retirements
  • Users of external HR or payroll providers – to understand what you're asking of them and making sure there are no gaps in processes
  • HR & Payroll providers – understanding what's being asked of you

If you work for a small employer, you might do all of these jobs.

Slides from our latest workshops:

Upcoming sessions
May 2024

Workshop Date Time Format Sign up Link
Employer HUB Demo 22 May 2024  14.00 Online  Sign up here"

June 2024

Workshop Date Time Format Sign up Link
Employers in the LGPS, Starters and Opt Outs 17 June 2024 14:00 Online  Sign up here
APC's Absences, Paying in more, Paying in Less (50:50) 19 June 2024 10:00 Online  Sign up here
Organisation Changes (Outsourcing, Mergers, Change of Payroll)  20 June 2024  11:00 Online  Sign up here
Discretions and IDRP's 24 June 2024  15:00 Online  Sign up here
Leavers and Retirements, including Starter, Leaver and Estimate Forms 26 June 2024 15:00 Online  Sign up here
Pensionable Pay Workshop  27 June 2024 10:00 Online Sign up here
Employer HUB Demonstration 27 June 2024 11:00 Online Sign up here >