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Planning for a positive retirement workshop

Are you sure your retirement plans are realistic?

I thought I had sorted my retirement plans, now I realise I need to rethink them
It was really helpful to discuss things with others in the same position
It gave me a different perspective and good ideas

Forward planning is advisable when making any major change and retirement is no exception. We are pleased to announce therefore that we are making available a new service to support and guide those who are considering what retirement might mean to them. This service will be provided through workshops which organised by the Hampshire Pension Fund in conjunction with Affinity Connect a retirement specialist. They are designed to raise your awareness of the key issues you will need to consider, and decisions you will need to make, as you begin to approach this new stage in your life. They are suitable for those who think they might like to retire within approximately the next couple of years or so, and are just as valuable, for those who are not sure yet what age they wish to retire, as well as those who have a definite age in mind.

This workshop will help you to understand more clearly the changes you will face in both your lifestyle and your finances, and the most appropriate ways to deal with them; and hopefully dispel some of the myths. You will consider a wide range of retirement related matters including tips on how to make sure your assets go to those you choose, that you don’t pay more tax than you need to, as well as a basic understanding of investment strategies for those in retirement and how to reduce investment risk. In addition the workshop will explain your occupational and state pension entitlements and the decisions you will need to make in respect of how you wish draw your pension benefits.

Why not join colleagues and a Retirement Specialist to find out what retirement is really about and if your plans are appropriate. To book a place please contact or phone Sarah Turner on Freephone 0800 019 6076 (select extension 1 – Training)

Course dates Location Course type
8 February 2019              Winchester Retirement
5 April 2019              Winchester Retirement
11 June 2019              Winchester Retirement
4 September 2019              Winchester Retirement
9 October 2019 Winchester Retirement
9 December 2019 Winchester Retirement