Choosing to retire

If you stopped paying into the LGPS after 31 March 2014, your normal LGPS pension age is 65 or your State Pension age if it is later. However, you can choose to retire after 55.

You must normally have two years’ LGPS membership, including any transferred from other pension schemes, to qualify for a pension.

If you stopped paying into the LGPS before April 2014, see the Past member section to find out when you can receive your pension.

Retiring between age 55 and normal pension age

  • You may choose to receive your pension between 55 and your normal pension age
  • If you left work or opted out of the LGPS before 1 April 2014, you will need your employer’s consent if you want to retire before 60
  • Your pension may be reduced if you choose to take it before your normal pension age. See Taking your pension early
  • You do not have to take your pension when you voluntarily leave work. You can take it later but it must be paid by age 75

Retiring on or after normal pension age

  • Your pension can be paid in full from your normal pension age
  • Your pension can normally only be paid once you have left your job. You may be able to claim your pension and carry on working by taking flexible retirement. See Flexible retirement
  • You can continue to work and pay into the LGPS until just before age 75. Your pension will be increased if it is paid after your normal pension age. Currently, the increases are 0.010% a day on your pension and 0.001% a day on any automatic lump sum
  • Your pension must be paid by age 75 even if you continue to work