Becoming a Hampshire Pension Fund employer

Organisations such as county councils, district councils, academies and further and higher education corporations are named in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) regulations as scheme employers and automatically participate in the scheme.

Administering authorities can admit organisations that are not automatically scheme employers but who satisfy certain other conditions. These are called 'admission bodies'.

Employees of an admission body can join the LGPS if the admission agreement allows it.

Outsourcing services

When an employer outsources services they need to consider the impact this will have on the pension provision of the transferring staff. The factsheets below provide general information for each type of employer.

It is important that an employer who is considering outsourcing services contacts us in the early stages of the process to discuss the options they have and the potential costs that may be incurred.

Admission agreement

When admitting a new admission body to the Hampshire Pension Fund, the Fund solicitors will draw up an admission agreement that must be signed by all parties. An example of an admission agreement can be found in the relevant documents.

Admission agreement – Draft

Please note: This is an example only and must not be used as an actual admission agreement.


Information for academies

See Duties and responsibilities of an academy under the LGPS regulations

Information for Town and Parish Councils

A Town or Parish Council can offer the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) to staff. This factsheet will provide some general information on the implications and likely costs of joining staff to the LGPS.

If a Town or Parish Council no longer has members contributing to the LGPS it will trigger a termination (exit) from the scheme. A Town or Parish Council may also wish to consider coming out of the scheme even though it still has active members contributing to the LGPS. This factsheet will provide further information to help understand the options available in these circumstances.


Town and Parish Council