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December 2023

Pensions Matters - Winter 2023

November 2023

***STOP PRESS*** Local Government Pay deal - 2023/24- LGPS pension actions

Revised Pensionable pay figures 2023/24 template

October 2023

***STOP PRESS*** Employer Consultation on changes to the Fund's statutory policies

Draft FSS December 2023

Employer Policy Draft December 2023

Administration Strategy Statement - including decisions Matrix Draft December 2023

2023 Pensions Accounting - Hymans

2023 AEM Slides

Pensions Matters - Autumn 2023

August 2023

***STOP PRESS*** Annual Benefit Statements 2023

April 2023

Pensions Matters - Spring 2023

***STOP PRESS*** Completion of the 2022 triennial valuation

February 2023

***STOP PRESS*** 2023/24 employee contribution bands

January 2023

***STOP PRESS*** - Annual Return and Pensionable Pay Workshop


December 2022

***STOP PRESS*** - Funding Strategy Statement changes approved

November 2022

Employer focus group - Slides

Employer focus group - Notes

**STOP PRESS** - Local Government Pay Deal 2022/23 - LGPS pension

Revised pensionable pay figures template 2022/23

Pensions Matters - Autumn 2022

October 2022

***STOP PRESS*** HPF - Funding Strategy Statement - Consultation and Pre Payment of Contributions

Draft FSS for consultation with employees

Employer policy draft December 2022

Pre-payment terms for employers

AEM Slides 2022

August 2022

**STOP PRESS** Annual Benefit Statements 2022

June 2022

**STOP PRESS** DLUHC guidance on Special severance payments

April 2022

Pension Matters - Spring 2022

February 2022

**STOP PRESS** Hampshire Pension Services - Annual Returns Workshops

**STOP PRESS** Statutory requirement for contribution payments, AVC reminder and 2022/23 employee contribution bands


December 2021

**STOP PRESS** - Moving to One Time Passcode - Member Portal and Employer Hub

October 2021

AEM 2021 Slides

August 2021

**STOP PRESS** 2021 LGPS Annual Benefit Statements now available

2021 LGPS Annual Benefit Statements now available

Your pension - your future ABS presentation

June 2021

Pensions Matters

April 2021

**STOP PRESS** - Consultation on changes to the Funding Strategy Statement and Administration Strategy - Employer flexibilities REMINDER

March 2021

*STOP PRESS* - Consultation on changes to the Fund Strategy Statement and Administration Strategy - Employer flexibilities

Draft Funding Strategy Statement March 2021

Draft Administration Strategy March 2021

**IMPORTANT** - LGPS McCloud Employer Data Capture - **Action Required**

McCloud additional FAQ - March 2021

** STOP PRESS ** - Employer Training

February 2021

** STOP PRESS ** - 95k Cap Revocation

January 2021

Pensions Matters


December 2020

Employer Focus Group Slides

***Stop Press*** Exit Cap Update

Summary of the application of the statutory cap on exit payments to the LGPS

**STOP PRESS** - LGPS exit payment reform webinar – for academies, police authorities and fire & rescue authorities

**STOP PRESS** - McCloud Employer Data Capture – requirements and guidance – Action Required

Data collection template – Hampshire Pension Services V1

McCloud KBPv1.0 (7)

McCloud EQAs – November 2020 V1 (HPF)

McCloud Data Collection Notes – November 2020

November 2020

**STOP PRESS** - 2020 Hampshire Pension Fund Annual Employer Meeting - Slides and Recording

Hampshire Pension Fund – Annual Employers’ Meeting - slides

Hampshire Pension Fund – Annual Employers’ Meeting - 9 November 2020

AEM Recorded event - https://youtu.be/niVm6kEbzCU

October 2020

**STOP PRESS** Hampshire Pension Fund AEM invite

**STOP PRESS** - HMT Exit Cap regulations and the LGPS and McCloud LGPS data collection

McCloud LGPS data collection template CIVICA Client update

September 2020

**STOP PRESS** - Annual return 2020 - Employer Performance Benchmarking

Employer Focus Group Slides

**STOP PRESS** Information on required LGPS data collection in respect of McCloud and data collection exercise

August 2020

**STOP PRESS** Annual Benefit Statements 2020

**STOP PRESS** Changes to the Fund’s policy on Exit Credits

July 2020

Pensions Matters Hampshire Summer 2020

**STOP PRESS** McCloud Consultations and Cost Cap

**STOP PRESS** Consultation on changes to the Fund’s policy on Exit Credits – Reminder

June 2020

**STOP PRESS** Employer consultation on revised Exit Credit policy

April 2020

**STOP PRESS** Hampshire Pension Services – LGA Employer Webinar invite

March 2020

**STOP PRESS** Completion of the 2019 triennial valuation

**STOP PRESS** Annual Update and Parental Bereavement Regulations

Pensions Matters Hampshire

**STOP PRESS** Hampshire Pension Services – Service Update

**STOP PRESS** McCloud Communication for Employers

February 2020

**STOP PRESS** PI multiplier tables and draft contribution bands

**STOP PRESS** LGA Employer Training – Understanding the Employer Role

Pensions Matters


October 2019

Annual Employer Meeting slides

Town and Parish Councils – October 2019

Colleges, Universities and Independent Schools – October 2019

May 2019

Pension Matters Spring/Summer 2019 edition

Proposed changes in the Hampshire Pension Fund – Consultation – Closes Wednesday 26 June 2019

We are inviting feedback regarding proposed changes to the way in which employers are grouped together for funding purposes in the Hampshire Pension Fund (further details are below). We would be grateful for comments to be sent to [email protected] no later than 5pm on Wednesday 26 June, to allow the responses to be collated for a report to be considered by the Pension Fund Panel and Board at their meeting on 12 July.

Grouping Briefing Note

The purpose of this document is to set out in detail the proposed changes to the funding strategy for the Hampshire Pension Fund and to provide information on how the proposals affect different groups of employers. Read the Grouping briefing note.

Employer Workshops

During May 2019 employers within the Scheduled Body Group or Admitted Body Group were invited to attend workshops to outline proposed changes to the funding strategy for the Hampshire Pension Fund. Thank you to those that were able to attend.  For information purposes, below are copies of the presentations, links to the filmed sessions and Q&As

Academies Workshop

County, City and District Council Workshop

Admission Body Group Workshop

Town and Parish Council Workshop


October 2018

The Hampshire Pension Fund 2018 Annual Employers Meeting

September 2018

August 2018

June 2018

May 2018

April 2018

February 2018


November 2016

November 2016

21 October 2016 – Consultation on changes to the Funding Strategy Statement

A consultation on proposed changes to the current Funding Strategy Statement was announced at the Annual Employer's Meeting today, Friday 21 October. A draft copy of the statement is below.

If you have any comments on the proposed changes, send them to the Investments and Borrowing Team by 25 November 2016. This will allow the feedback to be considered by the Pension Fund Panel and Board at their December meeting.

An email has been sent to employer contacts who are listed as a high level or finance contact for their organisation with regards to LGPS information. If this is incorrect, let us know that you need to revise your contact details and we will arrange this for you. Pass this information on to any appropriate people in your organisation.

If you were unable to attend the Annual Employer Meeting on 21 October, a copy of the slides from the presentation will be available on our webpages shortly.

Draft copy of the statement

October 2016

June 2016

March 2016

February 2016