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December 2021

Employer Focus Group Slides

Employer Focus Group Minutes

**STOP PRESS** - Moving to One Time Passcode - Member Portal and Employer Hub

August 2021

**STOP PRESS** 2021 LGPS Annual Benefit Statements now available

2021 LGPS Annual Benefit Statements now available

Your pension - your future ABS presentation

July 2021

Employer Focus Group - July 2021

Employer Focus Group – Website and Employer Communications - 26 July 2021

Pensions Matters Summer 2021

May 2021

West Sussex Pension Fund - Early Retirement Strain Costs

March 2021

**IMPORTANT** - LGPS McCloud Employer Data Capture - **Action Required**

McCloud additional FAQ - March 2021

** STOP PRESS ** - Employer Training

February 2021

** STOP PRESS ** - 95k Cap Revocation

January 2021

** STOP PRESS ** - Employee contributions bands

Pension Matters Winter 2021


December 2020

Exit cap information update (04/12/2020)

Employer Focus Group Slides

**IMPORTANT** - McCloud Employer Data Capture - **Action Required**

McCloud Employer Data Capture – requirements and guidance - Action Required Deadline for submission 31 March 2021

McCloud Data Collection Notes - Nov 2020

McCloud EQAs - Nov 2020 - V1 (WSPF)

McCloud - Data collection template - Hampshire Pension Services V1

**STOP PRESS** - LGPS exit payment reform webinar – for academies, police authorities and fire & rescue authorities

November 2020

Exit cap information (05/11/2020)/ LGA Exit cap information for employers

October 2020

**STOP PRESS** - HMT Exit Cap regulations and the LGPS and McCloud LGPS data collection

McCloud LGPS data collection template CIVICA Client update

September 2020

**STOP PRESS** Information on required LGPS data collection in respect of McCloud and data collection exercise

August 2020

Employer Focus Group Slides

**STOP PRESS** Annual Benefit Statements 2020

July 2020

Pensions Matters Summer 2020

**STOP PRESS** - McCloud Consultations and Cost Cap

April 2020

**STOP PRESS** - Hampshire Pension Services – LGA Employer Webinar invite

March 2020

**STOP PRESS** Annual Update and Parental Bereavement Regulations

Pensions Matters (Special Edition)

**STOP PRESS** - Hampshire Pension Services – Service Update

**STOP PRESS** - McCloud Communication for Employers

February 2020

**STOP PRESS** - LGA Employer Training – Understanding the Employer Role

**STOP PRESS** - PI multiplier tables and draft contribution bands

January 2020

Pensions Matters Winter 2020 edition

**STOP PRESS** - Standard Life AVCs


April 2019

Update regarding the Pension Administration Transfer from Capita to Hampshire County Council. The update will be sent directly to members (where West Sussex have email addresses) but you may also wish to share this locally.

Administration transfer update