Employer policy and service standards

Employer policy

The Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013 set out how new employers can be admitted to the scheme and when an exit from the scheme is triggered.

Hampshire Pension Fund has an employer policy which explains further the treatment of new employers in the Fund and how exits from the Fund will be managed.

Funding Strategy Statement

The purposes of this FSS are to set out the processes by which the administering authority:

  • Establishes a clear and transparent funding strategy, that will identify how employers’ pension liabilities are best met going forward
  • Supports the desirability of maintaining as nearly constant a primary contribution rate as possible, as defined in Regulation 62(5) of the LGPS Regulations 2013
  • Ensures that the regulatory requirements to set contributions so as to ensure the solvency and long-term cost efficiency of the Fund are met
  • Takes a prudent longer-term view of funding those liabilities.

Funding Strategy Statement

Communication policy

This document outlines how we communicate with our stakeholders. To communicate effectively, we use different methods according to the need and the target audience.

Communication policy

We have five key stakeholder groups:

  • Scheme members
  • Prospective scheme members
  • Employing authorities
  • Pensions Services staff
  • Other bodies, for example prospective employing authorities
Administration strategy

Administration strategy

This statement:

  • sets out the roles and responsibilities of Hampshire Pension Fund and the employers
  • specifies the level of services Hampshire Pension Fund and the employers will provide to each other
  • explains the performance measures used to evaluate them
  • is an agreement between Hampshire Pension Fund and the employers
Employer discretions policy

See Employer discretions

Memorandum of understanding

To ensure that we are fully compliant with the requirements of GDPR, our memorandum of understanding is available below to all employers in the LGPS. This document sets out that participating employers in the scheme are able to share data with the LGPS administering authority without a data sharing agreement being in place. This is on the basis that both the employer and the administering authority are data controllers.

Memorandum of Understanding