As a result of the Government’s Workplace Pensions Reforms, employers will have additional responsibilities to ensure its employees have appropriate access to a work based pension.

The responsibility for ensuring eligible workers are automatically enrolled into a workplace pension rests with the employer. However, there are a number of sources of information that the employer can access about auto-enrolment.

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a qualifying scheme for auto-enrolment purposes.

Pension Scheme information required by Automatic Enrolment Regulations

Under Automatic Enrolment information requirements, employers are required to keep a record of the pension scheme that is being used to automatically enrol its employees.

Certificate given for the purposes of certifying that a defined benefit and/or hybrid scheme satisfies the test scheme standard

Pension scheme name

Hampshire Pension Fund (Local Government Pension Scheme)

Pension scheme address

Hampshire Pensions Services
The Castle
SO23 8UB

Phone: 01962 845588

Pension scheme references

Section Reference
Scheme key 8HCNEGM176YF
Pension Regulator Scheme Reference 10079129
Pension Scheme Tax Reference (PSTR) 00330359RV
ECON E3900002R
SCON S2700151E
EPSR (Employer Pension Scheme Reference) Your LGPS Employer code

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