Monthly remittance

How to make the payments

  • It is a legal requirement that you pay over employee and employer contributions by the 19th of the month after they were deducted.
  • All contributions, except for AVCs, should be paid to the Hampshire Pension Fund.
  • Pay AVCs to the provider (Prudential, Zurich or Equitable Life) each month.
  • Complete a remittance of contributions to accompany each payment. Pensions Services sends you the spreadsheet each March to use in the following financial year.

Payments must be made into the Hampshire Pension Fund bank account. We prefer that you pay by BACS, however you can pay by cheque.

The account details are:

  • Account name: Hampshire Pension Fund
  • Sort code: 55-81-26
  • Account No.: 88 23 57 42

Make cheques payable to the Hampshire Pension Fund and send them to Pensions Services.