Customer Service Excellence (CSE)

Pension Services were able to maintain their Customer Service Excellence (CSE) certification following an annual review in April 2019.

The assessor praised Pension Services for their culture for continuous improvement. They have improved on their 2018 result with 7 compliance pluses in customer interaction, corporate commitment to excellent customer service and empowering staff to have a voice in the running of the department. This is the best result for Pension Services since being awarded CSE in 2009.

Some of the key strengths mentioned in the report are:

  • Capitalising on providing instant 1:1 feedback from their survey and being able to quantifiably measure customer feedback
  • Strong commitment to excellent customer service supported from the head of the department
  • Empowering staff through training, mentoring and projects
  • The staff’s ability to constantly share and suggest ideas for the growth of the department
  • Continuous improvements to the department’s Member Portal service including accessibility and instant My Message
  • Maintaining timescales for queries and processes

Pension Services are now working on the areas for development suggested in the report to ensure they continue to maintain a high standard of customer service.

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